Design a life you love in the location of your dreams.




We are here with one purpose. To help you design a life you love regardless of location. This means teaching languages in a customised fashion so you can do business and integrate in your new environment as quickly as possible as well as help you take the steps to getting to that location.

When it comes to language learning we know that each student has a different reason for and style of learning. 

This is why each class gets customised to your needs.

Not only is the learning material customised but also the type of lesson.  We are eager to provide you with the unique training you personally need, whether it is personal coaching, a full day workshop or one of our exclusive retreats. 



Dear Therese,

I would like to thank you for your fantastic English classes, particularly for your dedication and your clear teaching methods.

Your enthusiasm, patience and openness simply makes the difference and has encouraged us all to continue our lessons to improve our English skills.

Your lessons have always been very interesting and the format has helped us progress as it is fun and productive.

Good luck and best regards

A few months ago, I was told that I will be accompanying our foreign business partners in the future. This could be a great chance for me, but, I hadn’t practiced or spoken English for years, my grammar was awful.

I had the feeling, that I forgot all the English words I ever knew. It took me 5 minutes to be able to say a full sentence… and so I was told I needed to take English lessons first.

I really wasn`t happy about it. I expected the classes to be boring and figured I was too old to learn, it would be hopeless and embarrassing for me.

Nothing like this happened.  Within a few days, I spoke with confidence again. We told jokes in English and we told English stories to each other. We discussed politics and gossiped about whatever we wanted. I wasn`t forced to speak- I enjoyed speaking.

It was a diverting and inspiring time with you- and yesterday, a business partner praised my English… Thank you for everything!