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Paris, France

Ah Paris! Just hearing the name makes you think of fashion, romance, and everything delicious in life.

It has more recognisable monuments than anywhere else in the world, iconic architecture which is a history lesson in itself, one of the greatest art collections, fashion and a well deserved reputation for its cuisine.

Paris also has a hidden side, often reserved for locals.

One of my favourite things is sharing the hidden gardens, secret cafés and all the other magical spots that I have discovered over the past 11 years.

Once you discover all of this, there will be no doubt in your mind that this truly is the City of Love.


Vancouver, Canada.

Originally from Canada there is not enough I can say about this ocean-fringed metropolis.

With neighbourhoods that each have their own personality and culture, drink-and-dine delights and memorable cultural and outdoor activities all framed by striking natural vistas.

Here is a place you can enjoy island life and whale watching or mountain life and witnessing the bears come out of hibernation. It is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse city in Canada and as with every Canadian city very friendly.


Berlin, Germany

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but probably the most well-known city as well.  This city that is so rich in history is the perfect location to discover Germany.

Reminders of the city’s turbulent 20th-century history include its Holocaust memorial and the Berlin Wall’s graffitied remains. Divided during the Cold War, its 18th-century Brandenburg Gate has become a symbol of reunification. The city’s also known for its art scene and modern landmarks.


La Loire

As soon as you set foot in the Loire Valley, you will know why it has become a Unesco World Heritage Site.  

We will revisit history as we explore some of the most beautiful castles in France and learn why this was such an immense strategic importance to many kings, queens and nobles.  

You will also discover why France is known for it’s food and wine.

Visit a vineyard and taste for yourself why the region’s wines (red, white, rosé and sparkling) are considered outstanding.

Of course, no trip to France is complete without the experience of eating at a Michelin restaurant, of which there are a few in the area.


Hamburg, Germany - Closed

A few words used to describe Hamburg have been vibrant, colorful, interesting, alive and enlightening.

After moving to Germany, I have asked nearly every one I crossed what was their favorite city in Germany and at least 80% replied with Hamburg.

They say it is a city that is breathtaking with its many canals, lakes, old architecture and harbor.

 I was so pleased to discover that this city is very green and has many parks. The side streets and old houses are painfully adorable. The city has so much history and we will get a sense of it as we walk through the streets.


Alicante, Spain

What better place to learn Spanish than Spain?

We will be in Alicante.  Its old town, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, has narrow streets, colored houses, and a wonderful nightlife scene. 

Here we do everything from hiking and kayaking to eating, drinking and dancing!

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