The language retreat in Munich was a life-changing experience and worth every cent.

Therese and Kerstin are top-tier professionals who provided a gracious, inspiring and practical way to quickly strengthen speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with hundreds of suggestions to continue confident growth long after the retreat ended.

The daily structure of outstanding instruction and organized but flexible outings helped me fortify my foundation well beyond my expectations.

Even better, the friendly and joyful preparation of these experts meant our group arrived already comfortable with each other no matter whether introvert or extrovert and regardless of professional and specialized language needs.

The week was full of laughter as well.  I have years of experience in learning several languages with a number of different texts and resources, and I truly consider this retreat one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Highest recommendation and I will be back!

Anne - United States

I truly enjoyed the retreat experience.  It was the first time I did anything of this kind and I am really convinced this method of learning/ practicing is very effective.

I really loved the exercises and language challenges that had been prepared for us.  The was a great balance between fun and learning!

The relaxed atmosphere and how easy it was to interact and how motivated and confident we felt was really amazing!

I was a bit frightened before arriving that this would be too difficult/stressful or that my knowledge wouldn't be enough, but this week proved me wrong and I'm going home feeling I made progress and that what lies ahead is not that hard!

To top this off, the accommodation was really nice, the food was fantastic, the tours were outstanding and the activities were diverse and interesting.  The group ambiance was very special and I will part with a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude!

Thanks again and I will see you in a future retreat!!


I was quite skeptical about this retreat experience.  It was the first time I did anything of this kind and was concerned it would be a waste of time.  I am now convinced it was the best decision I could have made.

After nearly 2 years of studying once a week at a traditional language school, I didn’t even come close to the level of fluency that happened after the first week of the retreat.

I was shocked to wake up the third morning knowing that I had just had a dream in English.  It was like the channel had finally changed in my brain and english was finally turned on as a language I could think with.

Thanks so much for this!